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Welcome to Sara White's Blues Nites . . .
Do you want to advance your dance skills with one of the top teachers in the UK?

Are you looking for a friendly Blues club where the dancers strive to be the best they can be, while remembering to have fun?

Do you want to spend the night dancing to luscious tunes played by some of the best DJs on the circuit?

Sara White's Blues Nites are a sparkling example of the very best in modern dance. Sara's unique teaching style will propel you to become the dancer you want to be, through the weekly classes, regular workshops and optional one to one tuition. 

Blues-SaraWhite-Dance-BluesDance-Dancing-BluesNites-Partner-DancerWith a focus on letting the music lead, and playing top notch tracks that allow you to express yourself through the music, the Blues Nites DJ team will lead you on a musical journey that will take you way beyond the usual  run of the mill music while keeping the night fresh and the tracks eminently danceable.

Sara White's Blues Nites has an enviable reputation as one of the best dance providers around. With a special emphasis on Blues and stylish dance that focusses on the symbiosis of music, lead and follow, dancers who have learnt their floorcraft with Sara White are in demand wherever they go.

About Modern Blues

Blues-Dance-Dancer-Dancing-BluesNites-Sara-White-Blissfully-BlissFor us, Modern Blues dancing is a music-led, lead/follow partner dance that incorporates and includes movement in both close-hold and at extension. We celebrate the joy that is to be found in spontaneously choreographing the dance to the music as it plays.

We feel that Modern Blues dancing isn't necessarily typified or constrained by the style of music or by the style of dance but becomes a glorious amalgamation of all aspects of partner-dance.

Music...Movement...And You.

About Sara

Sara-White-Blues-Dancer-Teacher-Dance-Dancing-Partner-TeachingSara White is widely recognised as one of the leading teachers of Modern Blues Dance in the UK. Her passion for letting the music drive the dance is reflected in her unique and sassy teaching style, creating dancers who are in demand wherever they go.

Sara has been teaching for over 13 years, and teaching Blues and Modern Jive for 8 years. She runs her unique and widely acclaimed Blues and Advanced Dance workshops at events and weekenders across the UK.

Blues Nites

Blissfully-Blues-Buckden-Sandy-Cambridge-Dance-Dancing-Dancer-Sara-WhiteWe run weekly classes in Buckden near St Neots, Cambridgeshire, and Stanwick near Rushden, Northants, as well as regular "Blissfully Blues" freestyles in Buckden, in Sandy, Bedfordshire, and in Coton near Cambridge. 

The National Crystal Blues Challenge

Sara White's Blues Nites also run the annual Crystal Blues Challenge - the premiere national UK Blues competion for all levels of dancer. This event is now in its 5th year and attracts dancers from across the UK - yet remains friendly, fun and relaxed.

Weekend Events

Completing the picture, the annual Blues Retreats in Bournemouth and Skipton, the weekend workshops and bootcamp events provide an incredible opportunity for the highest quality weekend events : top notch tuition, round the clock dancing and wonderful retreat accommodation.  

Sara and her team are also available for blues and advanced dance workshops across the UK, as well as providing DJ and freestyle events.

Check out the 'What we do' pages for more information.

Sara White's Blues Nites . . .
Where we lead, others follow.

Home of the National Crystal Blues Challenge
Blissfully Blues - Sandy (19th September)
Our last Sandy freestyle was amazing, so we're looking forward to getting back there for some wonderful tunes and a 3am finish. Find out more.

Blissfully Blues - All Night Long! - Cambridge (27th September)

We're back to Madingley, nr Cambridge, for our wonderful all night freestyle. More details HERE

Bournemouth Blues Retreat (3rd-5th October)

Still one or two places available for men and mixed couples on this incredible weekend event. Find out more.

See the Sunrise freestyle - Bournemouth (4th October)
As usual we're throwing open the doors to our Blues Retreat party on the Saturday... so if you can't make the whole weekend, check it out HERE.

Symbiotica workshop - Buckden (11th October)

We're always trying to bring you something new that will help you be the dancer you want to be... welcome to Symbiotica...Find out more.

Blues Booster Pack (12th October)

Fast track your Blues dancing - a special workshop for beginners and those moving from Modern Jive into Blues. Don't miss it! More details HERE

We've always got lots happening! Our diary for the next couple of months is HERE.

Crystal Blues Latest News
We're getting excited about The Crystal Blues Challenge, our national competition for modern Blues dancers. All the information is HERE. STOP PRESS - see our DJ lineup as we announce them!

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